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Apple leaves
Dried apple leaves are the leaves of the apple tree that are dried after harvest or during autumn. They are often used as a food supplement for guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus and rabbits as they offer several benefits to their diet. For guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus and rabbits, including dwarf rabbits and rams, dried apple leaves have several meanings in their diet:

  1. Fibre: Dried apple leaves contain fibre, which is important for healthy digestion. Small rodents and rabbits have sensitive digestive systems and fibre helps to promote good gut health and prevent digestive problems such as constipation.
  2. Vitamin C: Apple leaves contain vitamin C, which is essential for guinea pigs, as well as chinchillas and degus. Rabbits can produce their own vitamin C, but an additional source in their diet can support their health.
  3. Variety and occupation: Adding dried apple leaves to the diet provides small rodents and rabbits with a taste variety and encourages their natural food intake. Nibbling on the leaves can also promote occupation and well-being.

For invertebrates such as shrimp, dried apple leaves also play a role:

  1. Food supplement: shrimps are omnivores and feed on plant and animal material. Dried apple leaves act as a natural food supplement and can provide shrimp with extra fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  2. Hiding places: Leaves can serve as hiding places, as shrimp like to crawl around among the leaves and feel safe there. This contributes to their safety and well-being.

It is important to note that dried apple leaves should only be used as a supplementary food and should not be the main source of nutrition for guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, rabbits. A balanced diet specific to the needs of the species remains crucial. Always consult a veterinarian or specialised professional to ensure optimal nutrition for your pets.
Product number: 30007.1

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quantities can be mixed in the Mixer in the blender.

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13 June 2024 05:18

Top Qualität

Alles super werden gerne gefressen...gute Verpackung

10 June 2024 15:05

Preis und Qualität "durch die Bank" Spitze

Das Erste,aber nicht das letzte Mal bestellt!!! Denn die Qualität ist auch bei Diesen Blättern,wie es schon immer bei Mixerama ist! TOP!!!!

31 January 2024 08:25

alles bestens

super immer wieder gerne

28 November 2023 17:56

In Ordnung

Qualität kann mal so, mal so ausfallen bei meinen Erfahrungen. Generell aber in Ordnung.

18 October 2023 16:41

Leckerer Snack zwischendurch

Sehr tolles Produkt und heißgeliebt von meinen Langöhrchen

14 September 2023 08:36

Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis !

Die Blätter haben eine sehr gute Qualität.Wie man Sie nicht überall findet.Ich bin froh,dass mir meine Freundin Sie empfohlen hat!!!!!

26 August 2023 08:52

Bestelle gerne wieder

Wunderbare Qualität, schöne große Blätter, Meeris fressen sie sehr gerne, schneller Versand :-) Vielen Dank.

2 August 2023 05:44

Große Blätter und tatsächlich mit kleinen Ästen

Große Blätter und tatsächlich mit kleinen Ästen - ideal für den Zahnabrieb

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