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Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

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Pest Free & Longer Shelf Life

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No long delivery time

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Buddelsand | 5 kg
This sand is suitable for all pets that like to dig. Rabbits and rodents as well as parakeets and parrots love to play in the sand. Especially for rabbits, digging in the sand is the greatest pleasure and promotes natural behaviour. Even when kept indoors, your rabbits can indulge their urge to dig. It is best to offer the sand in a digging box. This activity calms the animals and at the same time provides exercise and muscle development.

Due to the low clay content in the sand, the underground tunnels dug by rodents and rabbits will hold. Another advantage of the sand is that it naturally cares for the fur, fighting parasites in a natural way.

Our Buddelsand is:
-    TÜV tested
-    from German production
-    free of dirt and pollutants
-    moistened and washed
-    contains a small amount of clay
Product number: 50006



Our tipTo

ensure that your animals can play hygienically and without any problems, we recommend that you remove any dirt from the sand daily and replace it completely on a regular basis.

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8 July 2023 10:40

Hervorragende Qualität ohne Verletzungsgefahr für Hamsteraugen!!!

Dieses Mal richtig toller Sand, ich hoffe, er bleibt in der Zusammensetzung genau so! In der Vergangenheit waren leider immer kleinste spitze Steinchen drin, von denen mein Dsungare immer wieder kleine Augenverletzungen davongetragen hatte - dieses Mal ganz feiner Sand ohne jegliche Steinchen, lässt sich auch hervorragend durchsieben - supertoll!!!

Aseptic packaging process & shelf life

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