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Plastic free packaging

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Pest Free & Longer Shelf Life

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No long delivery time

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Dandelion root
Dandelion roots are a valuable addition to the diet of small rodents and rabbits. Here is an overview of the importance of dandelion roots for different animals:

Guinea pigs: Dandelion roots are a good source of fibre, vitamins and minerals such as calcium. They can help aid digestion and prevent dental problems.

Chinchilla: Chinchillas have similar nutritional needs to guinea pigs. Dandelion roots are a welcome change in their diet and provide extra nutrients.

Degu: Degus need a high fibre diet to wear down their teeth and aid digestion. Dandelion roots are a suitable supplement that can help meet these needs.

Rabbits (pygmy rabbits, rams): Rabbits are herbivores and require a variety of fibres in their diet. Dandelion roots are a tasty and nutrient-rich supplement that can help promote healthy digestion.

Rats and mice: Dandelion roots can be offered to rats and mice as an occasional snack. They provide fibre and some essential nutrients.

Hamsters: Golden hamsters, teddy hamsters and also dwarf hamsters can benefit from the fibre and nutrients in dandelion roots. They can be offered as part of a varied diet.

Invertebrates such as shrimp: For invertebrates such as shrimp, dandelion roots are a source of fibre and plant nutrients. They can be offered to them as a natural treat.

It is important to note that dandelion roots should only be offered as a supplement to the main diet and should not make up the animals' entire diet. It is advisable to stick to the specific nutritional needs of each animal and provide a balanced diet. If you have any questions about pet nutrition, please feel free to use our chat.
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13 June 2024 05:18

Top Qualität

Alles super werden gerne gefressen...gute Verpackung

19 May 2024 04:30

Toller und leckerer Knabberspass für meine Degus

Gute Qualität und das Leibgericht meiner Degus.

23 April 2024 09:59

Guter Kauf

Perfekt um die Zähne abzunutzen. Kommen gut an

3 April 2024 20:32

Beim nächsten Einkauf wieder dabei

Qualität ist sehr gut, riechen gut, sind frisch und nicht so extrem hart / trocken

27 March 2024 15:42

Qualität und Verarbeitung gut, Kaninchen hat es sehr gemocht.

Qualität und Verarbeitung gut, Kaninchen hat es sehr gemocht.

8 March 2024 08:32


Alles bestens

31 January 2024 08:26

alles bestens

alles bestens

24 January 2024 06:14

Bestelle ich auf jeden Fall wieder

Preis-Leistung super, gut verpackt, schnelle Lieferung... Unser Hamster iebt sie

27 November 2023 18:19

Immer ein muss.

Die leckere Kaustange für zwischendurch.

20 October 2023 19:45

Von Meerscheinchen und Zwerghamstern geliebt.

Wird sehr gut angenommen von unseren Tieren. Gute Qualität!

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