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Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

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Pest Free & Longer Shelf Life

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No long delivery time

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Hazelnut leaves
Dried hazelnut leaves are dried leaves from the hazelnut tree (genus Corylus). They are commonly used as a supplementary food for small rodents and rabbits, including guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, rabbits (including dwarf rabbits and rams) and invertebrates such as shrimps. Hazelnut leaves have a number of benefits in the diet of small rodents and rabbits.

Dietaryfibre: Hazelnut leaves contain fibre, which is important for digestion and maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract. They can help prevent constipation and promote gut health.

Variety and activity: Including dried hazelnut leaves in the diet provides an interesting variety for the animals and can serve as an occupational material. Animals can nibble, play with and explore the leaves, which stimulates their natural behaviours.

Natural nutrients: Hazelnut leaves contain various natural nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Although the nutrient content is not very high, they can still be a healthy addition to the animals' usual diet.

It is important to note that dried hazelnut leaves should only form a small part of the diet of small rodents and rabbits. They should be considered as a supplementary food and not as the main component of the diet. The main diet should consist of a balanced mix of hay, fresh vegetables, fruit and high quality ready mixes specifically designed to meet the needs of guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus or rabbits .
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13 June 2024 05:18

Top Qualität

Alles super werden gerne gefressen...gute Verpackung

19 September 2023 18:18

Wir haben sie im Gehege ausgestreut und

Wir haben sie im Gehege ausgestreut und unser Hamster nutzt sie auch zum Nestbau.

2 August 2023 05:45

Ist zwar ideal für jede Eigenmischung, aber

Ist zwar ideal für jede Eigenmischung, aber leider kamen fast nur Kleinteile und Brösel an

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