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Running wheels

Running wheels are an indispensable accessory for dwarf hamsters, hamsters, gerbils, color mice, chinchillas and degus. They offer the animals a way to exercise and thus ensure species-appropriate husbandry. Cork wheels or wooden wheels are very popular among rodents. They are robust, quiet and easy on the animals' joints.

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Running wheels for rodents: the ideal toy for happy pets

Running wheels are an excellent addition to the toy repertoire of rodents.
Especially for mice, gerbils, dwarf hamsters, golden hamsters and degus, wooden running wheels are a great way to keep busy and active.

A particularly recommended material for such running wheels is cork, as it provides a soft surface and thus is gentle on the joints and paws of the animals. Wooden running wheels for rodents are a great toy that not only gives pleasure to the animals, but also promotes their health and fitness.

Overall, wooden wheels are a great addition to a rodent's toy repertoire.

Running wheels in particular are a great way to promote animal wellness and health. Whether for mice, gerbils, dwarf hamsters, golden hamsters, or degus, a wooden wheel is a great toy that will give the animals a lot of enjoyment while providing them with a safe and controlled environment to play in.

Running in the wheel, for example, hamsters can improve their endurance and balance. It also strengthens the muscles in their legs and stimulates digestion. Corkwood running wheels are also a great way to give mice and co. a place to play and romp. Since they can run in a wheel, they can let out their energy in a controlled environment without causing damage to the room or cage.

Cork wheels are especially recommended because they are softer than conventional wooden wheels. The material provides better cushioning for the animals and is gentle on their joints and paws. In addition, cork is a natural material and protects the environment.