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Buddling Boxes & Bath Houses

Burrowing boxes and bath houses are a great way to give dwarf hamsters, hamsters, gerbils and colored mice a place to roll around. In burrowing boxes, the little rodents can dig and burrow to their heart's content, which not only provides fun, but also helps the animals feel comfortable and relieve stress. Bath houses, on the other hand, are ideal for hamsters and other rodents that like to be clean. Here they can enjoy regular sand or dust baths and rid their skin of dirt and grease. This keeps the fur healthy and shiny.
Bathhouse for sand baths
Variant: Variante 1
  1. Variant1: Hamsters & Mice
  2. Variant2: Degus & Chinchillas
Ceramic house | Apple | Sand bath
  1. 1 5 x 15 cm
  2. Apple shape
  3. Easy to clean
Digging box (plug-in system)
  1. encourages natural digging instinct
  2. Burrowing box for parakeets & parrots

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Peanuts, shelled
Weight: 100 g
  1. High in protein
  2. Iron
  3. Phosphorus
  4. Potassium
  5. Calcium
  6. Magnesium
  7. Trace elements

Content: 0.1 kg (€16.00* / 1 kg )

Orlux | Clay Bloc mini | 3 x 180 g
  1. Clay block for large parakeets and parrots

Content: 0.54 kg (€9.17* / 1 kg )

Buddling Boxes & Bath Houses

An important item in many enclosures and nagariums
If you have a rodent as a pet, it is important to create a pleasant environment for it to feel comfortable. An important aspect is the possibility of employment for your little animal. Burrow boxes and bath houses are a great way to keep your rodent occupied and comfortable at the same time.

For many rodents, such as rats, mice, gerbils, dwarf hamsters, degus, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas, digging and burrowing are part of their natural behaviors.

A digging box with fine sand offers them the opportunity to pursue this behavior and let off steam. The sand should be as fine and dust-free as possible so that it does not stress your rodent's sensitive respiratory tract.

Another great employment and feel-good accessory is the ceramic sand bath. Especially hamsters love to dig and clean themselves in such a sand bath. The special bathing sand for rodents cleans the fur and helps absorb excess grease. The ceramic sand bath also has the advantage that it is easy to clean and thus remains hygienic.

In summary, bottle boxes and bath houses are great ways to keep your rodent busy and increase their well-being. With a fine sand box and the right ceramic sand bath, you can create a great home for your rodent where they will feel completely at home.