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Rodent sanctuary

Our focus is to be a home for rodents while pursuing the charitable purpose of animal welfare.

Rodent sanctuary basic set for coloured rats
  1. Coloured rat base
  2. Flour worms
  3. Banana chips& pumpkin seeds
€28.58* *€30.10
Rodent sanctuary basic set for colour mice
  1. Colour Mice Spotted Mousery
  2. Daricob& Panicle Millet
  3. Flat Ear& Cob Millet
€34.58* *€36.40
Rodent sanctuary experience food for rodents
  1. Willow balls
  2. Sunflower heads
  3. Nibbling woods& cob millet
€26.09* *€27.47


Helping guinea pigs and being a point of contact for those seeking advice, is our passion and passion at the same time. With heart and soul, structure and discipline we are daily in action for our pelt-noses.

Meerlierettung Seed Mixture
  1. tasty oil seeds
  2. many minerals
  3. important amino acids
€36.42* *€38.34
Meerlierettung Colourful
  1. Mixerama Immunio
  2. Maize leaves & flowers
  3. Variety of components
€47.12* *€49.60
Meerlierettung Herb Mix
  1. healthy herbs
  2. coarse structure for tooth abrasion
  3. mixed components
€47.40* *€49.91