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About Us

Feed naturally species-appropriate! That has always been our motto when it comes to pet food.

It all started in January 2011 with the establishment of a small feed store. It quickly became clear that our customers were looking for special and especially healthy pet food. From that moment on, we made it our business to follow the wishes and mix feed according to the customer's needs. We built up the business step by step. And then everything happened very quickly. We looked for more suppliers for our raw materials, found a production site and expanded it to meet our needs.

Since we would like to offer our service nationwide, we had a website designed. We did all this in a record time of just half a year. Mixerama went online in April 2013 and was the first offer for individual food that can be mixed to the gram. Almost anything can be created from over 250 components.

From the year 2014 we have then designed together with knowledgeable breeders first feed mixtures, which we still offer today. In the years that followed, we have continued to grow.

At the end of 2017, we then ventured the new construction of our hall. In April, we were finally able to start our work. In the same course, we have already dared a step towards sustainability and put our solar system into operation.

At the end of 2018, we were the first feed company in Europe to put our pressure chamber into operation. This is used for the natural control of pests in the feed with CO². Since then, we have been able to celebrate great successes with pest-free feed.

In 2020, a lot of planning was required. We had big plans! On the one hand, a packaging machine was to be installed, and on the other hand, our new online store was to be launched.

With the year 2021, the relaunch of the online store was on the agenda, not only to offer our customers the best products for their pet, but also to make online shopping on our site a comfortable experience. In addition to revising our food mixes according to the latest findings, we also expanded the accessories section. The mixer has also been improved and can now be used by mix beginners, thanks to the basic mixes.

The biggest innovation came in November 2021, when we switched from manual packaging of feed mixtures to a packaging machine. Together with the packaging machine, we switched from plastic bags to plastic-free film made of cellulose. In addition, the mixtures are now packaged in a protective atmosphere to continue to keep pests at bay. The individual components and supplementary feeds are now also shipped in paper bags.

We are thus fulfilling our mission: plastic-free by the end of the year 2021!

With the launch of 2023, we have once again raised our store to a new standard of experience shopping. Not only the usability has been improved, also payment methods have been extended and the layout with logo has been changed. Mixerama shines in a new, fresh design and we hope you like it!

Have fun shopping for your sweetheart.
The Mixerama Team