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Hey you! Welcome to our online shop for healthy and fruity food, especially for Eclectus Parrots. Here you will find a diverse selection of high-quality feed mixtures that offer your feathered companion delicious and healthy nutrition. From fruity feed mixtures to vitamin-rich supplements - with us you will find everything your Eclectus Parrot needs for a healthy and happy life. Order now and make your feathered friend happy!
Cooked Food | Fruit & Vegetable Rice Menu
Weight: 500 g
  1. balanced ratio between fruit and vegetables
  2. satiating
From €4.50*

Content: 0.5 kg (€9.00* / 1 kg )

Cooked Food | Rice & Fruit
Weight: 500 g
  1. Fruit & rice for large parakeets & parrots
  2. filling
From €4.50*

Content: 0.5 kg (€9.00* / 1 kg )

Cooking Food | Vegetable Pot
Weight: 500 g
  1. Cooked food with vegetables based on wheat & rice
  2. for large parakeets & parrots
  3. satiating
From €4.50*

Content: 0.5 kg (€9.00* / 1 kg )

Eclectus Parrots Fruit & Nut
Weight: 1 kg
  1. improved recipe Edelpapagei Gourmet
  2. with 43 % fruits, vegetables and nuts
Flower mixture
Weight: 100 g
  1. With 9 different flowers from natural medicine
  2. Flowers can also be used for tea
From €4.50*

Content: 0.1 kg (€45.00* / 1 kg )

Weight: 500 g
  1. Improved recipe of the Health Extra
  2. High-quality herbal seeds known from herbal medicine
From €10.00*

Content: 0.5 kg (€20.00* / 1 kg )

Liver & Kidneys Cure
Weight: 500 g
  1. as a food supplement or tea
  2. suitable for all parakeets and parrots
From €11.00*

Content: 0.5 kg (€22.00* / 1 kg )

Sprouted food for parrots
Litres: 210 ml
  1. ready-to-use sprouted food for large parrots
  2. important nutrients, minerals and vitamins

Content: 0.21 Liter (€21.86* / 1 Liter )

Weight: 500 g
  1. as an extra portion of vitamins, for feeding or as a treat
  2. made from 100% natural fruit, berries and vegetables
From €11.00*

Content: 0.5 kg (€22.00* / 1 kg )

DarĂĽber freut sich dein Liebling...

Peanuts, shelled
Weight: 100 g
  1. High in protein
  2. Iron
  3. Phosphorus
  4. Potassium
  5. Calcium
  6. Magnesium
  7. Trace elements

Content: 0.1 kg (€16.00* / 1 kg )

Orlux | Clay Bloc mini | 3 x 180 g
  1. Clay block for large parakeets and parrots

Content: 0.54 kg (€9.17* / 1 kg )

What are eclectus parrots and where do they come from?

Eclectus parrots are a very colorful species of parrots.
They live in the sun-drenched forests of the South Seas on the island of New Guinea, the Moluccas and Solomon Islands and the Sunda Islands. The noble parrots can be found up to an altitude of 1500m. They breed in tree cavities, especially in old trees. Their breeding season is from July to late August where they raise 1-2 young together. The Noble Parrot is not considered endangered at the moment and the following 10 subspecies are found in the forests of the South Pacific.

The Westermans Eclectus Parrot, Halmagera EclectusParrot, Aru Eclectus Parrot, Biak Eclectus Parrot, Solomon Eclectus Parrot, Riedel Eclectus Parrot, Ceram Eclectus Parrot, Cornelia Eclectus Parrot, New Guinea Eclectus Parrot and the Queensland Eclectus Parrot.

They reach a height of 35 - 40cm and weigh between 400 and 600g. With proper nutrition and husbandry, your noble parrot can accompany you for 30 years. The males and females are very colorful. The male parrots stole in a beautiful green, have red feathers on the sides which are also under the wings, the upper side of the wings is blue. The females appear in bright red, have a blue neck and belly, the tail feathers are in bright orange.

The eclectus parrot as a pet

Eclectus parrots are diurnal very intelligent and clever parrots. They are eager to learn and are considered to be gifted in speech. It can happen that they then chatter incessantly. So they do not belong to the quiet species and can cause a lot of noise. Eclectus parrots are very cuddly and trusting animals. A close relationship to the owner is very quickly established and therefore it is no art to get them hand-tame. With papaya, mango pieces or banana you can make very good clicker training and teach them tricks and commands. This promotes the cohesion between you and the parrot and is also fun. The eclectus parrot is of course a flock bird and needs at least one other partner, but better would be a few animals more. An aviary is almost always too small for the large animals, but a minimum size of 2m x 1m x 1.5m should be worth everyone the animal. Should the parrots be kept outdoors, a canopy would be good for weather protection and even a heated shelter in the winter. There they can also well raise their young in summer in an incubator.

Since the eclectus parrots also love to bathe, a large water bowl near the floor is a welcome change for the animals. It also promotes personal hygiene and feather care. The equipment of the aviary should never be equipped with plastic. By nibbling on it, the parrot can swallow parts and thus become seriously ill. The further advantage of natural furnishings is that the animals on wooden perches wear off their claws by themselves and a claw cutting becomes almost superfluous. But note the diameter of your perches, thin branches also lead to uncontrolled claw growth. Gladly also species-appropriate toys are used to shred and occupy.

Eclectus parrots and their special diet

A eclectus parrot is fed like hardly any other parrot. Its main diet consists of a lot of fruit and vegetables. For this reason, we have adapted to the species-appropriate diet of these specialists with our food mixtures for
eclectus parrots. A high fruit and vegetable portion is already to be found there. Nevertheless, of course, should still be supplemented with fresh produce, because they hardly eat seeds in the wild and it would cause malnutrition if only seeds are fed. High fat feed must also be limited as it can cause fat tumors and liver damage. So a good mix between vegetables and fruits, as well as a species appropriate feed mix are key to natural nutrition. Sprouted food, as well as cooked food are very popular supplementary food and very healthy. In general, the natural need to gnaw must always be satisfied. This is achieved with thick branches from the garden and with the gift of clay and grit stones as well as panicles & ears of corn.

Eclectus parrots and their possible diseases 

The main reason for a disease of eclectus parrots is the wrong, not species-appropriate diet. Many make the mistake to feed them with pure grain mixtures or granules from the specialized trade. This is, as described above, an absolute NoGo. The animals are consequently brought to the vet with fat tumors, so-called lipomas, or liver damage. The latter can be recognized by liquid feces and the yellow urine content in it. The animals also feel listless and appear apathetic. Regular cleaning of the aviary and feeding area must be ensured. Mold on old fruit and vegetables, or germs in the water by mixing the said food, can endanger the health of the animals.