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Apricot leaves
Dried apricot leaves are the leaves of the apricot tree (Prunus armeniaca) that can be dried and used in various forms. They are rich in fibre, but contain only small amounts of protein and fat. Apricot leaves also contain certain nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and iron. Dried apricot leaves play some role in the diet of guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus and rabbits, but cannot be considered a main food source. Here is some information on the specific small rodent and rabbit species:

  • Guinea pigs: Guinea pigs are herbivores and require a high fibre diet. Dried apricot leaves can be given as an occasional treat or as part of a hay mix. However, they should be given in limited quantities as guinea pigs have a sensitive digestive system.

  • Chinchilla: Chinchillas are also herbivores and require a diet rich in fibre. Dried apricot leaves can be given as a main food with other dried leaves such as apple leaves or sunflower leaves.

  • Degu: Degus are herbivores and have similar nutritional needs to chinchillas. Dried apricot leaves can be part of their varied diet but should not be fed excessively.

  • Rabbits (including pygmy rabbits and rams): Rabbits are also herbivores and should be fed mainly fresh food, some hay, fresh vegetables, herbs and occasionally dried herbs. Dried apricot leaves can be offered occasionally as enrichment in small quantities, but they should not be the main food source.

Dried apricot leaves can be offered occasionally as small treats or as part of a mixture of herbs and leaves, but should not be fed excessively.
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Wie immer zufrieden. Dankeschön

28 November 2023 17:54


Sehr beliebt bei meinen Chinchillas

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Gute Qualität. Häufig ganze Blätter.

4 July 2023 04:50

Duften ganz fantastisch, sind sehr groß mit

Duften ganz fantastisch, sind sehr groß mit kleinen Ästchen dazwischen und sind sehr weich

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