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Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

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Pest Free and Longer Shelf Life

Pest Free & Longer Shelf Life

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No long delivery time

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Parrotlet Vegetables & berries
The parrotlet mix with vegetables and berries has been specially developed for  parrotlets. These small, short-tailed parrots, which belong to the family of "true parrots" and the tribe "New World parrots", tend to become overweight quickly if they are not fed properly. Our special mixture therefore contains lots of grass seeds, various types of small-grain millet as well as herbs and herb seeds.

The food is made up as follows:
34.5 % flour-containing seeds, 30.5 % oil-containing seeds, 20 % grass seeds, 6 % vegetables, 6 % berries and 3 % herbs.

Despite the meagre diet that parrotlets need, we want to spoil them. We have therefore added low-sugar and low-fat vegetables and berries to the mix. This ensures variety without too much energy being consumed with the food.

When selecting the vegetables and berries, we also paid attention to their health benefits; the eucalyptus leaves have antibacterial properties and the berries are said to have various healing effects, such as a detoxifying effect and a high vitamin C content. At the same time, berries are considered to be low in sugar compared to other types of fruit.
Product number: 22014.1


Grass seed, red millet, plata millet, wild seed, cardi, senegal millet, silver millet, spinach seed, fennel seed, diced carrot, delicha, pagima green, buckwheat, naked oats, milk thistle seed, amaranth seed, niger seed, canary seed, linseed, carrot seed, lamb's lettuce seed, dill stalks, Parsley seeds, hemp seeds, rowan berries, aronia berries, elderberries, pumpkin flakes, broccoli, barberries, rosehip fruit, hawthorn berries, chopped eucalyptus leaves, grated oregano, basil seeds, chia seeds, knotweed, red pepper, dill seeds, fonio paddy, aniseed, tomato flakes.

Analytical constituents

Water 11 %, crude ash 4.6 %, crude protein 13.5 %, crude fat 10.3 %, crude fibre 13.9 %.

Feeding recommendation

1-2 teaspoons per day per bird. Supplement daily with fresh food.

Our tip

Please check the weight of your birds regularly and adjust the daily amount of food accordingly. We also recommend an annual health check by an avian vet. Don't forget fresh water (several times) a day!

If you need more information about parrotlets, visit our guide!

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Sperlingspapageien - die Kleinsten ganz groß

Sperlingspapageien gehören mit einer Größe von 12-15 cm zu den Kleinpapageien, die gerne als Haustiere gehalten werden. Wie man sie ernährt und richtig hält erfährst du in unserem Ratgeber.

Aseptic packaging process & shelf life

Are you interested in how exactly we save our food? In this video we take you step by step through our process!

Did you know?

With our food mixer you can create a completely individual mix for your pet!

About our food mixer

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