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Pest Free & Longer Shelf Life

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No long delivery time

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Amazons Vegetable Variety
The vegetable variety is designed for Amazons kept indoors, who should maintain their weight. As Amazons unfortunately tend to become overweight very quickly, we have created a mixture that contains a very high proportion of vegetables. Fruits and berries have been deliberately omitted. These can be served separately as fresh food.

The Amazonen Vegetable Variety contains 40 % floury seeds, 32 % vegetables and 28 % high-quality oil-containing seeds. In cases of overweight, oily seeds are often permanently banned from the feed plan. However, this can lead to deficiency symptoms, as oily seeds contain vital amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. For our vegetable variety, we have resorted to seeds that are small-grained and have superfood potential. These include, for example, hemp seeds, which have a very good omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio, basil seeds with vitamins E, B6 and K as well as various minerals such as zinc and iron, or carrot seeds, which contain many unsaturated, healthy fatty acids. We have avoided large-grain fatteners such as sunflower seeds.

For an energy-reduced diet, not only the feed composition is decisive, but also the amount offered and the exercise provided. Dry food mixtures provide a nutritional basis for Amazons, which must be supplemented with fresh food. All-day exercise and flight opportunities outside the cage are absolutely necessary.
Product number: 22002.1


Cardi, beetroot, carrot, canary seed, wheat, naked oats, buckwheat, rosehip seeds, barley (hulled), paddy rice, silver millet, plata millet, milo, chia seeds, quinoa, tomato flakes, pumpkin seeds (hulled), dari, hemp seeds, green peppers, red peppers, Linseed, niger seed, perilla, turnip, manna millet, chilli peppers, parsnip, parsley root, courgette, Jerusalem artichoke slices, broccoli, cucumber slices, milk thistle seed, adzuki beans, mung beans, basil seeds, carrot seeds, celery seeds, spinach stalks, pumpkin flakes.

Analytical ingredients

Water: 10.6%; Crude ash:4.1%; Crude protein: 14.7%; Crude fat: 12.3%; Crude fibre:11.1%

Feeding recommendation2-3

tsp per day and bird. Supplement daily with fresh food.

Our tip
Please check the weight of your birds regularly and adjust the daily feed amount accordingly. It is also advisable to have an annual health check-up with a veterinarian who knows birds. Also remember to give them fresh water (several times) a day!

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19 March 2024 10:11


Super gerne wieder

Amazonen - die Dauerdiät-Papageien

Wer sich nach einer hübschen Amazone sehnt, meint damit nicht immer eine tolle Frau. Papageienliebhaber ziehen es oftmals in Betracht, sich einen geflügelten Hausgenossen zu kaufen, der auch gerne so manches nachplappert. Alles zu

Aseptic packaging process & shelf life

Are you interested in how exactly we save our food? In this video we take you step by step through our process!

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