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Plastic free packaging

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Pest Free & Longer Shelf Life

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No long delivery time

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Cockatiels Herb Variety
Herb Variety is a beneficial and tasty staple food for cockatiels kept indoors. In their natural habitat in Australia, wild cockatiels feed mainly on grass and herb seeds as well as (un)herbs and their flowers. With the herb variety, we pick up on the natural diet and thus create a species-appropriate and low-energy staple food for birds in flat and aviary keeping.

The mixture contains 46.5 % meal-containing seeds, 23.3 % high-quality oil-containing seeds, 17 % grass seeds, 9 % herbs, 3.2 % flowers and 1 % berries. The majority of the oleaginous seeds are herb and weed seeds, such as nettle seeds, carrot seeds, fennel seeds or dill seeds. These seeds have a high content of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Greasy sunflower seeds have been deliberately omitted from this mix; they can be given individually as a reward or added as needed.

The grass seed mix consists of various fescue grasses as well as Delicha and Pagima Green. The latter is a very fine grass seed that is readily eaten. Delicha, which comes from Uganda, is also well accepted. It is somewhat coarser in structure and has to be worked out by the birds.

Various herbs known from naturopathy round off the herb variety: these include oregano and thyme. Eucalyptus leaves are also included. Eucalyptus leaves have a bactericidal effect. That's why we've added eucalyptus to this food to promote the well-being of your birds. Did you know that cockatiels in Australia breed in the eucalyptus tree?

Product number: 21009.1


Grass seed, silver millet, plata millet, red millet, senegal millet, linseed, canary seed, spinach seed, buckwheat, wild seed, fonio paddy, Japan millet, nettle seed, naked oat, bird's knotweed, plantain, turnip, eucalyptus leaves, parsley stems, delicha, pagima green, Manna millet, carrot seed, lamb's lettuce seed, niger seed, cardi, milk thistle seed, perilla, amaranth, fennel seed, camomile flower, rowan berry, dill seed, oregano, thyme, marigold flower, red clover flower, dandelion flower, daisy, sesame seed, aniseed, sunflower leaf.

Analytical ingredients

Water: 11,0%; Crude ash:4,1%; Crude protein: 13,4%; Crude fat: 9,5%; Crude fibre:11,7%

Feeding recommendation1-2

tsp per day and bird. Supplement daily with fresh food.

Our tip
Please check the weight of your birds regularly and adjust the daily feed amount accordingly. It is also advisable to have an annual health check-up with an avian veterinarian. Remember to give them fresh water every day!

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16 April 2024 12:15

Qualitativ gutes Futter

Das Futter schaut gut aus und kommt auch gut an bei den Nymphies. :)

11 March 2024 13:26

Immer wieder

Sehr gute Qualität

24 July 2023 06:54

Wird immer gerne gepickt von den Haubentierchen

Wird immer gerne gepickt von den Haubentierchen

26 May 2023 08:33

meine Nymphies lieben es

meine Nymphies lieben es

Nymphensittiche - die kleinsten Kakadus der Welt

Nymphensittiche sind beliebte Haustiere und erfreuen sich aufgrund ihrer niedlichen Erscheinung und ihres liebenswerten Charakters großer Beliebtheit bei Vogelliebhabern. Du hast Fragen? Dieser Nymphensittich Wegweiser hilft dir weiter!

Aseptic packaging process & shelf life

Are you interested in how exactly we save our food? In this video we take you step by step through our process!

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With our food mixer you can create a completely individual mix for your pet!

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