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Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

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Pest Free & Longer Shelf Life

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No long delivery time

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Large Parrots Herb Variety
Herb Variety for Large Parrots is a tasty and healthy treat for with many flowers and herbs that contribute to the birds' vitality. The main feed for macaws, cockatoos, grey parrots and other large parrots contains 44 % floury seeds, 34 % oily seeds, 12 % flowers and 10 % herbs.

When selecting the flowers contained, we paid attention to their ingredients and their effect on the bird's body. Chamomile blossoms, known from herbal medicine, are said to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic effects. Marigold flowers, also called calendula, are also said to have wound-healing, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Similar to flowers, herbs also have a positive effect on the organism of large parrots. Therefore, in addition to herb seeds, the herb variety also includes rebelled herbs, such as rosemary, oregano and thyme. Reeling means that the leaf components are stripped from the stems. This gentle process preserves the ingredients and aromas in the leaves.
Product number: 22011.1


Sunflower seeds (hulled), cardi, wheat, naked oats, manna millet, fennel seeds, dari (sorghum), sunflower seeds (striped), paddy rice, hemp seeds, milo (sorghum), barley (hulled), buckwheat, camomile flowers, plata millet, silver millet, canary seed, Hibiscus flowers, pumpkin seeds (peeled), turnip rape, adzuki beans, mung beans, perilla, milk thistle seeds, Niger seeds, linseed, rose flowers, marigold flowers, rosemary, oregano, red clover flowers, rose hip seeds, tree seeds (larch, pine, cypress, spruce), thyme.

Analytical ingredients

Water: 10,2%; Crude ash:3,8%; Crude protein: 14,9%; Crude fat: 18,1%; Crude fibre:12,4%

Feeding recommendationApproximately

5% of the bird's healthy weight per


(please note the requirements of the respective species!). Supplement regularly with fresh food and minerals.

Our tip
Please check the weight of your birds regularly and adjust the daily feed amount accordingly. It is also advisable to have an annual health check-up with a veterinarian who knows birds. Also remember to give them fresh water (several times) a day!

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9 October 2023 12:17

Lecker und Dufte

Ein Ausweichfutter, mixe es sonst mit dem Energie. Ist sehr gutbürgerlich wird gut angenommen von meinen Grauen. Besonderheit: es riecht Herrlich 😍😍

Kakadus - Der Papagei mit der Federhaube

Jeder kennt einen Kakadu mit seiner pregnanten Haube, aber die wenigsten wissen, wie man ihn als Haustier artgerecht hält und ernährt. In unserem Ratgeber erfährst du alles zum Thema!

Aras - die Könige der Papageien

Aras sind lustige Papageien und sie sind für ihr lautes Schreien und reges Treiben bekannt. Aufgrund ihrer sehr hohen Lebenserwartung gehören sie zu den beliebtesten Haustieren. Alles zu den tollen Papageien in unserem Ratgeber!

Aseptic packaging process & shelf life

Are you interested in how exactly we save our food? In this video we take you step by step through our process!

Did you know?

With our food mixer you can create a completely individual mix for your pet!

About our food mixer

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